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 Rules for ModTuts

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Rules for ModTuts Empty
PostSubject: Rules for ModTuts   Rules for ModTuts EmptyThu Apr 14, 2011 12:43 pm

1.No swearing

2.No spamming

3.No advertising

4.No copyrighted material used, exception of the modding forum sometimes.

5.Pm an admin about problems with other members

6.Do not show/tell about PM's

7.Respect all people

8.No .Iso sales at all.

9.As the site is always under improvements please don't spam my PM's or Aim. Just post them in the suggestions sections

10.Have fun!
For admins and mods.
Always have a reason for what you do. I will punish you if you do anything slightly bad. You guys are held at high regard and are the stars of the forum. Absolutely no slack shall be cut for you!
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Rules for ModTuts
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